2023 December 1 DNC Cancels 2024 Florida Primary

On December 1, 2023, we learned that the Florida Democratic Party secretly canceled the 2024 Florida Democratic Presidential Primary.


In this article, we will explain why this is just the first of many corrupt tactics the DNC has planned to rig the 2024 election in several states all across America.

In August 2023, I wrote a series of four reports -totaling more than 100 pages - for the Kennedy campaign explaining how the DNC had rigged the 2024 election rules to prevent Kennedy from even appearing on the Democratic Party Primary Ballot in several states. You can read these four reports at this link: https://restorefairelections.org/dnc-plan-to-rig-the-2024-election

In September 2023, the Kennedy campaign then asked to meet with leaders of the DNC to resolve these concerns. Sadly, the DNC refused to address any of these concerns. In my reports, I explained that Kennedy only had two options. The first option was to sue the DNC as many of the DNC rules clearly violated several sections of the US Constitution. This was the option I recommend as Kennedy had said back in April 2023 that he wanted to reform the Democratic Party and end the political corruption that was and still is destroying our country.

The second option was to leave the Democratic Party and run as an Independent. Kennedy chose the second option on October 2, 2023 by announcing he would run as an Independent. Given the revolting options the DNC had placed in his path, I did not blame Kennedy for choosing this second option. The real losers were rank and file Democrats like me who were hoping that Kennedy Democrats would be able to end the corruption of the DNC – and the American people who were left in the dark about the DNC rigging of the 2024 election.

Thankfully, there were some candidates still willing to challenge Joe Biden – the most unpopular President in US History. Marianne Williamson has been running for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination since March 4, 2023. In October 2023, Cenk Uygur and Dean Phillips announced they would run for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination.

At the end of November, all three candidates learned that the Florida Democratic Party leaders had decided that there would not be a Florida Democratic Party Primary in 2024. Instead, all of the 250 Florida Delegates will be awarded to Joe Biden. Here was their announcement:


Here was a newspaper article explaining the cancellation of the 2024 Primary:


The leaders of the Florida Democratic Party explained that they had changed their rules to choose Biden on October 29, 2023. Since Biden was their only approved candidate, there was no need to hold the 2023 Florida Primary. Their decision violated the rights of 4.4 million Democratic Voters in Florida.

In his statement, Dean Phillips called the handling of the process by the Florida Democrats a “blatant act of electoral corruption”.

Nikki Fried, the chair of the Florida Democratic Party, contended the party followed its “standard process” that was outlined on its website.

However, the process was not spelled out on the original Florida  Florida Delegate Selection Plan posted on the Florida State Party website as late as August 2023. Page 5 stated:

Ballot Access: A presidential candidate gains access to the State presidential preference primary ballot, by the following:

1. The Florida Democratic Party will prepare and approve a list of recognized Democratic presidential candidates. By November 30, 2023, the Florida Democratic Party will submit a list of its presidential candidates to the Secretary of State to be placed on the Presidential Preference Primary Ballot. This date is determined by the Florida Secretary of State, pursuit to Florida State law.

2. The Secretary of State shall prepare and publish a list of names of the presidential candidates submitted no later than December 12, 2023.

3. The Department of State shall immediately notify each presidential candidate listed by the Secretary of State. Such notification shall be in writing, by registered mail, with return receipt requested.

There is no other procedure (i.e., filing process) by which presidential candidates gain access to the Florida Presidential Preference Primary ballot. (Rule 11.C, Rule 14.A, Rule 14.C, Rule 14.D, Rule 14.E, & Rule 15.H)

Note that the Plan does not spell out any exact deadline for candidates to ask to be placed on the primary ballot. However, it clearly indicated that process would finish by November 30, 2023.

On September 27, 2023, without notifying any of the existing Presidential candidates, which at the time included Williamson and Kennedy, the DNC approved a dramatic change on Page 5 of the plan to read:

Ballot Access: A presidential candidate gains access to the State presidential preference primary ballot, by the following:

The Florida Democratic Party State Executive Committee will consider and approve a list of recognized Democratic presidential candidates at its meeting held on the weekend of the State Convention. By November 30, 2023, the Florida Democratic Party will submit a list of its presidential candidates to the Secretary of State to be placed on the Presidential Preference Primary Ballot.

Other Requirements: Each presidential candidate shall certify in writing to the State Democratic Chair, the name(s) of their authorized representative(s) by December 11, 2023. Individuals who announce their candidacy after this date must provide this information to the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party not later than ten (10) days after their announcement. (Rule 13.D.1)


Note that the new rule does not state when the date of the State Convention is or whether candidates need to take any action before the state convention. The only action required of candidates is providing a contact name to the State Chair by December 11, 2023.

A State Party official acknowledged, “There’s no requirement for presidential candidates to do anything to get on the ballot.”

It turns out that the State Party meeting was October 29, 2023 and on November 1, 2023, the Florida State Party submitted a list with only one name on it – this canceling the Florida 2024 Democratic Party Primary.

Marianne Williamson stated: “This is the chipping away of our democracy. What an irony that the party called the Democratic Party, the party that claims to be the champion of democracy, has basically decided that Joe Biden will be the candidate… I think that the Florida statute itself is unconstitutional giving that kind of power to the party. The party itself as a political committee, it’s not a government agency, but it’s playing a quasi governmental function here, and it has no right to block democracy this way.” 

Cenk Uygur stated: “This is about all three of us being excluded in a way that was absurd, ridiculous, counterproductive, done, obviously in secret, obviously, to help the incumbent Joe Biden. The number one problem with what the Florida Democratic Party is doing is not how it affects me Marianne and Dean [Phillips]. It’s how it affects the Florida Democratic voters. They are robbing them of their voice. They’re saying the democracy is not important, that you should not participate in the process.” 

Dean Phillips claimed that the Florida Democrats are in violation of the DNC rules that require delegates to the Democratic National Convention “be allocated in a fashion that fairly reflects the expressed presidential preference or uncommitted status of the primary voters.”

The problem with this claim is that the DNC approved this plan on September 27, 2023 knowing full well that it would result in canceling the Florida Primary – just as the DNC has approved many other State Plans with hidden landmines – all intended to rig the 2024 election.

Jeff Weaver, Dean Phillips campaign manager, who managed Sanders’ 2016 campaign, laid into the Florida Democratic Party in a statement: “The Florida party is engaging in the politburo politics of places like Cuba or the old Soviet Union. Communist Party insiders make the decision instead of the people. After all that has been done to erode confidence in the democratic process since 2020, does our party really want the legitimacy of our nominee to be put in question by this corrupt, rigged process?”

The answer is Yes. This is exactly what the DNC wants. In fact, just read the following four reports to see all kinds of surprises the DNC has in store for anyone who has the audacity to challenge Joe Biden: https://restorefairelections.org/dnc-plan-to-rig-the-2024-election

The only way to stop the DNC from rigging the 2024 election is to take them to court. In my four reports, I cite and quote several Supreme Court rulings confirming that the DNC does not have the right to blatantly rig elections. The good news is that all three Democratic Presidential Candidates have said they will sue to get their names on the Florida Ballot.

That is a step in the right direction. But a better long term option is to pass the Restore Fair Elections Constitutional Amendment – which is our best hope of putting an end to DNC election rigging for the 2028 election. To read this proposed Amendment, go to this page:


As always, I look forward to your questions and suggestions.

Regards, David Spring . Ed.

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